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Reaching a truce in the sauna

Gallery 1 (May 2002)
- individual cats

Gallery 2 (May 2002)
- Christmas, tuna, couch potatoes and different poses

Gallery 3 (July 2002)
- taking it easy on the bed and helping with sewing

Gallery 4 (July 2002)
- bags, boxes and balconies

Gallery 5 (August 2002)
- sleepy, but not too sleepy to smell the roses

Gallery 6 (September 2002)
- cats on the balcony, on the tv, in the sink and on the scanner

Gallery 7 (October 2002)
- a single box can be so much fun

Gallery 8 (November 2002)
- bags, babies and balconies (almost a deja vu...)

Gallery 9 (January 2003)
- Christmas is a dark and blurry season, guest starring Junior

Gallery 10 (May 2003)
- Frank meets a dog, helping with knitting and climbing on shelves and tables

Gallery 11 (May 2003)
- when people are blurry and two of them look stupid (and one doesn't), the cats look even better (mostly Mini, that is)

Gallery 12 (May 2003)
- Mini and Maxi get in different places and Frank is surprisingly friendly

Gallery 13 (August 2003)
- fun on the balcony (even though Maxi gets lost on his way back)

Gallery 14 (August 2003)
- just hanging out, doing nothing except being basket cases

Gallery 15 (October 2003)
- helping with a new bookshelf

Gallery 16 (October 2003)
- mostly Mini and Maxi and their tummies (there will be more Frank in the future...)


The dates refer to the dates when the photo galleries were added to the site, not to the dates the photos were taken.