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Mini Fact File

Born: February 14th, 2000 in Karjaa, Finland.

Also known as: Fatso, Minimaalinen

Likes: Sleeping in the sauna, yoghurt, chasing spots of light on the wall

Dislikes: Getting wet or cold, rubber chickens

Strange habits: Mini likes to drag a red blanket from the sofa and on the floor while the people are away. Sometimes the blanket may travel quite a long way: once the blanket was found on the other side of the living room (!). However, Mini is never seen laying on the blanket, no matter where it is.

Special features: Mini likes to join the people when they're having a sauna or taking a shower. Usually he sits in the corner and looks upset because it's wet. Mini also likes to wash people's hands at 5 o'clock in the morning or just half an hour before the alarm clock goes off.

If Mini was another animal, he would be: A rhino, an elephant.

Mini in close-up

Mini was named Mini because he was the smallest kitten in the litter. Now he's the biggest, baddest and meanest cat in the hood so the name may be a bit misleading. However, despite his big size and even bigger ego, Mini has a small and high pitch voice, so mostly his message to the people is "ee-u".

Mini's mother is Cornish Rex which explains his exotic face features.

Maxi on Mini: "Now that Frank's around Mini doesn't fight that much with me anymore - and we can always team up and chase Frank together. It's neat to have a brother!"

Frank on Mini: "Mini thinks he's the boss. Well, he's not. I am the boss. I just let him think he is. It's easier that way."