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Mini, Maxi, and Frank's Special #1

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Christmas 2002, guest starring Hupu a.k.a Frank Jr. a.k.a Junior a.k.a "Oh, you're so cute", a 6 months old cat from Anjalankoski

It was Christmas 2002. It was the time for a young, innocent tomcat from the countryside to visit the tomcats in the city... Now the question was: would Junior lose his innocence before you could say "catnip"? What would the degenerated city cats teach him and would Junior be able to teach anything to his urban fellow cats?

Junior had never met Mini, Maxi, and Frank before. Moreover, he was used to spending his days outdoors doing whatever cats do outdoors... So, everything was about to change. Here's the story of what happened when four cats stop being polite and start getting real.

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Day 1: Arrival

Sunday 22.12.

Junior did travel nicely in the car but that was where the "nice" ended for quite some time.

Junior arrived to Mini, Maxi, and Frank's place on Sunday evening. Mini was a bit upset and hissed, Maxi was a bit less upset, and Frank did not mind that much. Frank just saw the cage Junior travelled in and ran away before he realised that there actually was a cat in the cage.

So, to be on the safe side, Junior decided to hide in different places: under the table, under the bed, in the sauna, on different shelves on different cupboards...

Day 2: Sudden Change of Heart

Monday 23.12.

First Junior kept on hiding. He did come out occasionally to be petted and did not run away if he was fetched. He even ate a little when he was taken to the kitchen (but not very much), looked around the place and went back to hide under the bed.

Then about 24 hours passed and everything changed. Suddenly Junior came out from the bedroom and started to mess with Mini, Maxi, and Frank. He thought it was about time to show who is who so he kept on teasing the other cats, hitting them with his paw and so on. Maybe Junior just wanted to play, we don't know. The other cats did not quite get the message. Mini kept on hissing and looking upset (we guess he felt threatened as he thinks he's the king of the castle).

Maxi did not mind that much and Frank was on a surprisingly jovial mood. He did not hiss, he dod not growl, he just slept in the sauna.

In the evening Junior also found a catnip toy mouse, did some catnip toy mouse killing and encouraged by his first dose of catnip decided to take it on the Christmas tree...

"Beginner", Mini, Maxi, and Frank said. "We do know our limits." Later Mini proved that to be true by having a bad catnip trip and trying to catch invisible birds.

Day 3: The Guy's Got Guts

Tuesday 24.12.

At 6 a.m. the Christmas tree fell down, most likely thanks to Junior. He was still sitting in the middle of the branches when the people who decorated the tree for the cats' fun and joy came to lift it up and clean up the mess. He took advantage of being small, fluffy and irresistible: even though he was caught red-hand... we mean -pawed, he just looked cute and innocent with the "who, me?" look on his face and made sure nobody could be mad at him.

Mouse on a string Later that day Junior saw a twin toy mouse hanging from a rubber band in a door handle. He pulled and pulled and p-u-l-l-e-d like he did not realise the toy mouse was attached to the door handle - or maybe he realised it but just did not care?

The rubber band kept on stretching and stretching until the glue between the mice gave up and Junior managed to tear one mouse off. Junior ran really fast under the bed with his catch.

Day 4: Something Old, Something New...?

Wednesday 25.12.

Junior kept on being cute and killing toy mouses. He was so cute that the people could not stop petting him, those two stupid creatures, they mess up the fur and make it all dirty and you have to wash it again and again and again... Junior really likes washing himself.

Junior's mouse Junior also kept on hunting the yellow toy mouse he had deattached the day before.

Junior also surprised Mini (who had now decided that it was useless to hiss) by washing his forehead. later Junior jumped next to Mini onto the sofa. Mini was surprised, laid there for a while and then went away to wonder what was actually going on.

Day 5: The Cutie is a Killer

Thursday 26.12.

In the morning the Christmas tree was down again. This time the guilty one might have been Mini but nobody knows for sure... The decorations (balls and garlands) are so tempting and a cat really wants to hit them with his paw... I mean, gather together with other cats under the Christmas tree to celebrate the season (a-hem).

Junior played with a toy mouse on a rod with a growl again. He pulled and pulled really hard and eventually the poor toy mouse lost his tail. After that he started killing another toy mouse with the same sound effects as earlier. How can such a small and cute cat make such a lot of dangerous growling noises?

Mini, Maxi, and Frank said, "A toy mouse is a curious thing. It flies through the air and hangs from a string that is attached to a rod. Sometimes it might even have feathers attached to its tail."

Day 6: Day in, Day out, Same Old, Same Old

Friday, 27.12.

Junior has settled down. He is really fond of the toy mouse on a rod and he even climbed all the way to the toy box to get it. Afterwards he laid on the floor growling. (He does that a lot when toy mice are involved.)

Junior has also developed a skill of sudden washing attacks. He's got the fastest tongue around! When Mini, Maxi or Frank do not guess it, Junior has already washed their foreheads or whatever happens to be there to be washed.

Junior is also very good at chasing Frank, we've never seen Frank start running that fast. We think Frank enjoys the game of hit-and-run (even though it's without the "hit-and-"part).

Day 7: Sound of Meowsic

Saturday, 28.12.

Nothing that special happened today, except that the Christmas tree fell at 10 a.m. Third time's the charm?

The people realised that Junior makes funny noises. Sometimes he sounds like a squeeky toy when he meows. That's especially funny when you don't see him...

Then Junior growls. He growls when he holds a toy mouse in his mouth. He growls when he wants to get a toy mouse. He growls if someone tries to take the mouse away. When Junior growls, he sounds like Gollum who's longing after "his precioussssssssss".

Day 8: The Cutie is a Bully

Sunday, 29.12.

Today Mini, Maxi, Frank, and the toy mouse that was already split in half got it. In the morning Junior started a fight with Mini, another with Maxi and a third one with Frank. Then he started from the beginning and in one point he managed to make Mini and Maxi fight.

A bit later he realised that the toy mouse that hangs from a rubber band (see Day 3) is still worth killing. He took the remaining mouse into his mouth and pulled. He mouse got loose and flew away. Junior did not gave up. The fourth time he tried the mouse got loose and then there was just a lonely rubber band hanging from the door handle. Junior had gone to the bedroom with his catch.

Then he slept peacefully for the rest of the day and looked cute. Then nothing happened until Christmas tree fell around midninght.

Day 9: Home Alone

Monday, 30.12.

Today the people were not home that much, it was time to send them back to the streets to earn the money for catnip and tuna. The forensic evidence tells that nothing that special happened (or the evidence was well hidden if something did happen): the Christmas tree was still up, most of the things were still in their places, none of the cats looked shocked or confused - or guilty (do they ever look guilty - no!).

Day 10: Getting down to business

Tuesday, 31.12.

Life was pretty good. The Christmas tree had fallen only 3,5 times and all the cats were living in peace and harmony, if occasional wrestling and teasing one another counts as peace and harmony and the people really liked scratching Junior's soft tummy.

The most used phrase was, "Oh no, do you really have to take him away, please don't do it" as the people knew that time was running out.

Day 11: Departure

Wednesday, 1.1.

Junior left. In the morning he really teased everyone, he jumped on Mini and he jumped on Maxi and he teased Frank and made him run. Then he was put into the cage and taken back home just when he started to have fun. Sigh.


Junior hiding

Junior and the catnip mouse

Junior and the yellow toy mouse

Junior kills

Junior and the Xmas tree 2

Junior and the Xmas tree 1

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Christmas candy, part 1

Christmas candy, part 2

Junior looks cute

Junior's paws

Junior is sleepy 1

Junior is sleepy 2

Junior washing

Junior plays

Junior hunting