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Frank Fact File

Born: August 3rd, 1994 in Vaasa, Finland.

Also known as: Frankkis, Frankenstein, Pupuli

Likes: Ham, potato chips, chocolate, eating grass

Dislikes: Travelling in a car

Strange habits: Frank has pretty much given up his bad habits after moving in with Mini and Maxi. Occasionally he likes to jump onto the top of the bookshelf in the kitchen, though. (There's proof: a photo in Gallery 1 on the Photos page and a video on the Videos page.)

Special features: Frank functions as the sauna thermometer: when the sauna is heated, he sleeps there and when the sauna is hot enough, Frank comes out. Frank also likes to stay on the balcony when it's too cold for Mini and Maxi - sometimes he just likes to sit next to the balcony door pretending he wants to go out. When the door is opened, he walks away looking bored.

If Frank was another animal, he would be: A bunny rabbit.

Frank in close-up

Frank was named Frank because it sounded stupid enough (all the regular cat names were out of the question) - or according to the official story he was named after Frank Sinatra because he meowed a lot as a kitten.

Frank is a suspicious cat who likes to follow things from a distance - but when he wants to be petted, he jumps on your lap and stays there like he was glued for the following one and a half hours. Lately Frank has become so keen on comfort that he expects you to place a pillow on your lap before he invites himself to be petted.

Mini on Frank: "As the former king of the Casa Alberga I found it a bit unfortunate that Frank would outrank me, him being older and all that. We still haven't finished the local cat wrestling championships but otherwise we have reached a truce. To everybody's suprise, one day we were caught sleeping next to one another on the sofa! I think we were malfunctioning then."

Maxi on Frank: "Frank's cool. He always finds the best places to sleep in but he never sleeps in my basket though."